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Florence, (DS-108-FT), has the same shape and measurements as her sister Wendy, (DS-108-DTA). She has the 84cm bust; shaped to represent a typical size 8 runway model's breast. The above bust measurement remains faithful to a real body shape at 81cm, and it is possible to drape and fit strapless bodices and other styles of garments without having the problem of the front armhole gaping when placed on a model. 

Florence has a 92cm hip with a gently curved model’s bottom reducing to a measurement of 88cm at the upper thigh, enabling closely fitting garments to follow the line of the model’s figure.

Like all our mannequins, Florence is more anatomically correct and relevant to today's female body shapes

Bust:    84cm.     Waist:    64cm.    

Hip:    92cm.       Nape to waist:  41.5cm.

The stand-base is the same as the stand for Wendy. It is a substantial metal base, with two lockable castors and foot-pedal height adjustment.

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