Prym Trouser Hook & Bar 9.5mm

Prym Trouser Hook & Bar 9.5mm


(£1.99 including VAT)

Hooks and bars for trousers and skirts, 9.5mm, silver-coloured 

Skirt and trouser hooks in the classic style

Convenient to the fingers because of their rounded edges

Flat finish

Prepared holes for sewing 

# 265242 Trouser Hooks & Bars, 9.5mm Silver x 3 

Product information

The trouser and skirt hook is the best solution for fastening trousers and skirts quickly, easily and almost invisibly. Its flat finish prevents it being bulky. Unobtrusive in appearance and manufactured in rust-protected metal, its smooth surface and rounded edges, makes it pleasant to the touch when fastening or unfastening it. It has been designed to be easy to sew on; the trouser hook has three holes for sewing it on, and the bar has two holes. Each packet contains three hooks and bars.

£1.66 (£1.99 including VAT)

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