Prym Non-Sew Press Fastener Sport & Camping 15mm

Prym Non-Sew Press Fastener Sport & Camping 15mm


(£8.50 including VAT)

Non-sew press fastener Sport & Camping, 15mm,  

Non-sew press fasteners for strong fabrics in the camping and sports areas

For high demands

Strong fastening strength

Corrosion resistant 

# 390199 Antique Brass

# 390200 Black Oxidized 

Product information

Prym “Sport & Camping” press fasteners are equipped with Prym’s ring spring and are particularly suitable for heavy demands for all types of leisure and sportswear, camping area, tent fabrics or coarse leather. The press fasteners have a strong fastening strength for mounting on canvas or other strong materials, and are available in various colours. The “Sport & Camping” press fasteners are corrosion resistant and can be washed easily, spin-dried, dry cleaned, ironed, and mangled. The right tools and instructions for riveting are included. The press fasteners can either be fitted with the included tool and a hammer or with the VARIO pliers for non-sew products.

£7.08 (£8.50 including VAT)

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