Prym Hooks & Eyes Size 2

Prym Hooks & Eyes Size 2


(£1.50 including VAT)

Spring hooks and eyes, size 2, silver-coloured, card 555 

Hooks and eyelets for fastening pants, skirts, and lingerie

Made of V2A stainless steel

Easy to close and open

Very comfortable to wear, even with direct skin contact 

#263432 Hooks & Eyes 

Product information

When it comes to fastenings on clothing that need to be invisible from the outside, these stainless-steel, silver hooks and eyes are a good choice. These fastenings, featuring high-quality workmanship, are available in sizes 2 and 3 in various packaging units between 24 and 35 units. The lateral eyelets allow for both the hook and the eyes to be effortlessly sewn onto skirts, jackets, trousers, blouses, or lingerie. They are also often used as additional support for zip fasteners in skirts or dresses. This Prym product's fully burr-free workmanship makes it very comfortable to wear, guaranteed.

£1.25 (£1.50 including VAT)

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