Prym Sew-On Snap Fasteners 6-11mm

Prym Sew-On Snap Fasteners 6-11mm


(£1.99 including VAT)

Snap fasteners, 6-11mm 

Sew-on snap fasteners for clothing and accessories

Made from brass

Folded-back stud with fixing hole 

# 341270 Silver Coloured

# 341271 Black 

Product information

These round sew-on snap fasteners made from rust-proof brass are real all-rounders because they are versatile decorations for everyday clothing or accessories. The sew-on snap fasteners consist of a spring section and a stud. The lower section (stud) is folded back - this protects the fabric from being damaged by sharp edges. The closure is easy to manipulate and just as easy to sew on; the four slots guarantee that the snap fasteners are sewn on evenly.

£1.66 (£1.99 including VAT)

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