Prym Gold Eye Needles

Prym Gold Eye Needles


£1.50 including VAT

For all conventional sewing work

Long and medium-length hand sewing needles with a small golden eye

Extra slim, special tapering tip shape

Small eyes, do not leave any holes in the material

Sizes: No. 1 to no. 11 

# 121294 Sharps, Long, Sizes No. 3-7

# 121295 Sharps, Long, Sizes No. 5-9

# 121306 Betweens, Medium, Sizes No. 5-9 

Product information

Prym long and medium-length hand sewing needles are made of hardened steel and have a burr-free embossed golden eye. Their fine and sleekly-polished tip shape, along with the smooth and non-porous, coated surface, can slide well through all material. The spring firmness ensures smooth use without bending and breaking. The needle head is shaped so that the needles can be effortlessly inserted. The long hand sewing needles are approx. 7 mm longer than the corresponding medium-length needles and are used for all conventional sewing work. Many consumers prefer the long needles due to their better grip. In contrast, medium-length needles are often selected by experienced users for more elaborate sewing work and are popular due to their faster puncturing speed.

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