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Pattern Cutting

We have over twenty-five years of experience pattern cutting and can create first patterns or make alterations to existing patterns. We have extensive experience in ladies’, men’s and children’s wear and can work on soft separates, tailoring, evening wear and bridal.

We can create first patterns from:
- Sketch and size specification
- Sample
- Photograph


Pattern Improvement & Problem Solving

If you provide us with a pattern and a garment, or good quality toile made from the pattern, we will be able to resolve any fit, pattern or production problems that you have. We will produce a new toile from the updated pattern.

We can also advise on, identify and fix any issues that may affect the fit, look, cost and manufacture of an item

Sample Making

We make high quality samples for the fashion industry, working with designers and high street. We can produce samples from your existing patterns or patterns that we have created on your behalf.

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Blocks From Reference Garments

Basic block patterns and toiles can be made from reference garments to help designers with their development work. We can produce these patterns without taking the garment apart.


We offer a complete hand grading service that we can tailor to your needs. We can grade your patterns to fit standard increments as well as made to order or bespoke requirements. Our experience and skill allow us to work with any garment no matter how complicated the design.

Before grading, all patterns are checked to ensure the pattern pieces fit together correctly, and the notches match.