Pattern Maker Acrylic & Seam Allowance Ruler 15cm

Pattern Maker Acrylic & Seam Allowance Ruler 15cm


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Acrylic Pattern Maker

(The yellow backing is to help show the markings and is not part of the item)

The transparent acrylic Pattern Maker is an essential all-in-one tool for fashion designers, fashion students, patternmakers or anyone needing to pattern cut. 

It has a straight marked bevel edge, 43 cm in length as well as curves, angle and seam allowance markings.

Importantly, the measurement markings are accurate, clear and durable. 

It can help: 

Draw your hip curve, armhole curve, sleeve curve, etc. by simple turning.

Measure and draw straight lines and measure equally either side of a straight line.

Draw special contours where needed.

Add 0.5cm or 1.0cm seam allowance to a curve or a straight line.

Draw 45 & 90-degree angles.

It’s pivot points allow it to be used as a compass and draw required pivot arcs. 

43cm x 19cm x 3mm

Seam Allowance Ruler Acrylic

The transparent acrylic Seam Allowance Ruler is another useful tool. 

It has seam allowance markings of 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 & 35mm, as well as a straight marked edge, 15 cm in length, and angle markings. 

It can help:

Add 0.3cm to 3.5cm seam allowance.

Draw a 45 degree (Bias) angle.

The compact size makes it ideal for use where desk space is limited

£18.75 (£22.50 including VAT)

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