Prym Chalk Wheel Mouse

Prym Chalk Wheel Mouse


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Chalk Wheel Mouse, Prym.Ergonomics

Fatigue-free work due to the ergonomic design

Suitable for marking on all fabrics

Dressmaker’s chalk in powder form for ease of removal by brushing and washing

Replacement chalk cartridges available in the colours white and yellow

# 610950 Chalk Wheel Mouse

Product information

The Chalk Wheel Mouse from the Prym.Ergonomics series is ideal for marking on all fabrics. The fine gear at the top of the mouse-shaped chalk wheel leaves a visible fine chalk line, which can be removed easily fro fabric by brushing or washing. The level of chalk in the cartridge can always be seen through a window. Replacement chalk cartridges are available for ordering with white or yellow chalk powder. The pleasant-to-hold ergonomic housing of the chalk mouse ensures fatigue-free work. A grippy cap reliably closes the chalk wheel. This practical chalk wheel was awarded the Red Dot Design Award in 2010.

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